Fietshemel is a Dutch company that specializes in adult tricycles for seniors or people with balance disorders. These tricycles are designed to provide increased stability and support, allowing people with mobility issues to continue cycling comfortably and safely.

Fietshemel’s tricycles have a low step-through frame, making them easy to mount and dismount. They also feature three wheels, providing added stability compared to traditional bicycles. Many models also come equipped with electric motors to assist with pedaling, which can make cycling even easier for people with limited mobility.

Fietshemel offers a wide variety of adult tricycles, with different styles and designs to choose from. They provide different models for different mobility levels, with option like electric assist, so customers can find the one that is best suited for their needs. The tricycles also have various accessories and options, such as shopping baskets and backrests, to make them even more convenient and comfortable to use.

Fietshemel tricycles are not only designed for people with mobility issues, but also for seniors who want to enjoy cycling and keep active, but who prefer to feel more stable, and also for people who have balance issues but still want to cycle. Overall, Fietshemel tricycles provide a solution for people who want to continue to cycle but have limited mobility, so they can enjoy the benefits of cycling such as exercise, fresh air, and independence.